At the Made by Google event in Singapore, Google also launched two other products in addition to Pixel 4.

Nest Mini

Nest Mini is the new version of the Nest Mini (formerly Google Home Mini), which has two times stronger bass, as well as a smarter and faster Google Assistant experience.

Nest WiFi

An improved Nest Wifi system (previously Google Wifi) comprises two separate devices: the Nest Wifi router and Nest Wifi point that delivers up to two times the speed and up to 25 percent better coverage.

The Wifi point integrates access point and a speaker with Google Assistant into a Nest Wifi Point. Basically, the Point not only serve the network but also work exactly just like a Nest Mini.


The Nest Mini will be sold for $79 on Google Store, Challenger and COURTS starting from 23 October. The Nest Wifi router ($229) and Nest Wifi point ($199) will also be made available later from the same retailers.

By Harry