Google has announced that the astrophotography mode is indeed coming to the Pixel 3 series including the Pixel 3a.G

#NightSight already helps you take beautiful photos in the dark. Now you can use it for shots of the night sky. Coming to Pixel 3a and Pixel 3 as well as #pixel4. #madebygoogle

The Pixel 4’s hardware is capable to lengthen the exposure to capture more light. This isn’t just going to be a Pixel 4 exclusive as it will be soon be available on the older Pixel 3 family of smartphones.

In addition, Live Caption is also coming to Pixel 3 in December. Live caption delivers captions to any local or web video viewed on a user’s phone, with the associated machine learning all done on-device too. This means you don’t need an internet connection to enjoy captions on your videos.

By Harry