For those who wishes to buy the Google gadget like the Pixel 2 XL, Google Home. You can now do it at your own doorstep without paying shipping fees from USA.

Today, Google Singapore officially announces the opening of it’s Singapore store at

The following are the prices of the various items on sale

Google Pixel 2 XL S$1398
Google Pixel Buds S$238
Google Home Mini S$79
Google Home S$189
Google WiFi S$199
Chromecast S$65

The Google Home is now ready to take over your “home” and it now understands Singlish and local content. You can ask google to play local radio channels, soothing music, to find the nearest hawker centre or supermarket. You can check your schedule, weather, traffic conditions with it. For those with compatible lighting equipment and switches, you can ask Google to turn on/off lights, tv etc. TV with chromecast can also be linked up and get google to stream your favourite YouTube to the TV.

Google products are also available on Amazon USA

By Harry