Sample camera shots - SuperRes zoom 20x, Magic Eraser, Long exposure and pan


Magic Eraser

Magic eraser is a feature that helps to detect and remove objects from the scene. In this case, it automatically detects the moving crowd and you can selectively ‘delete’ it off the photo. This is not something new as we have seen similar ones on other brand of phones.

Before Applying Magic Eraser
After Applying Magic Eraser

Long Exposure and Pan

Long exposure basically add light trails to moving objects. Action pan is just the opposite which blurs out the background.

In the past, it is difficult to achieve a nice long exposure without a tripod. With Pixel 6 Pro, this can be done without one.

Action pan creates that motion blur behind the stationary object.
Long Exposure resulted in light trials of moving cars.

SuperRES 20x zoom with optical 4x zoom

The telephoto feature has been improved and it is now able to do a digital zoom of 20X.

Here are some pictures of the zoom taken from wide angle to 1x, 2x, 4x and 20X zoom.

Other night shots

Shot with 2X zoom
Shot with 4X zoom

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By Harry