In our test with the Pixel 7 Pro, the new Tensor G2 based on 5nm manufacturing process performance is comparable to the Snapdragon 888. It did outperform the original Tensor though.

The improvement can be seen in the multicore performance, the original Tensor scored around 2656 on the PIxel 6a. The Pixel 7 gets a boost to 3035. a 14% gain.

As for single core performance, it has a slight improvement over Pixel 6a’s 1015. It scored 1056, a 4% difference.

All the scores are based on early test results. Results might differ with performance tuning in future firmware updates.

Single Core – Geekbench database
Multicore score Geekbench database

PIxel 6A

Single core 1015
Multi Core 2678

Pixel 6 Pro

Single core 848
Multi Core 2656

By Harry