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Cloud AI solutions

Contact Center AI is a solution that provides call centre support which helps customers. When customers call in, their requests are cataloged and analyzed using Google’s Dialogflow Enterprise technology — for a more intuitive, seamless experience.

It can automatic determine the topic and as Contact Center AI can parse topics based on the conversation, getting the answers customers want, fast. There is no need to go through boring manual Press 1 2 3 for …

Live agent assistance
If a live agent is needed during a call, the Agent Assist AI automatically supplies the agent with articles and knowledge documents based on the conversation. No hold music required. Agent Assist will stay on the call to help the live agent with documents from your enterprise’s knowledge base.

This solution is definitely useful for tech support, banks etc.

In Conclusion, whether you are starting to develop applications or need solutions, Google has the building block and solutions which can integrated into the enterprise readily available.