On 2 March 2020, we’ll be rolling out some updates to the programme that will change how and where you get rewarded:

There’ll be a reduction in points earned per transaction, and an increase in the places you can earn points at.

The GrabRewards catalogue will undergo a revamp that revises points needed for redemptions, while offering a larger variety of rewards.

With this change of policy, you will need to spend more to maintain tier. You will also be awarded lesser points than before.

Today, Amex also announced that the cards will not earn any points from grab top up from March 2020 onwards. The only free money to be earned is now left with UOB one and CitiRewards top up. It is almost certain these loopholes will be closed.

Even if it is not closed, the new scheme to earn points is no longer attractive as you are earning much lesser points for the different tiers. e.g. Platinum tier, the award of 10 points is reduced to 4 points, a 60% reduction.

By Harry