Grid Mobile launches with price plans. Just as our prediction, S$24.90 / mth will get you 20 GB of data, 200 mins of outgoing calls and 200 out going SMS, Incoming calls and SMS are free. Caller ID is also free. Additional data or voice minutes can be bought.

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In addition, It is bundling a 12 mth Free TravelRoam of 1 GB to Malaysia. You can now data roam in Malaysia for free. You can add TravelRoam 1 GB Pack B S$18 (Mainly Asian countries) or TravelRoam 1 GB Pack C S$35 (Asia + Europe + USA + others)

The plan comes with a complimentary additional Buddy SIM with 1 GB data, 25 SMS and 25 mins of voice calls. It comes with free caller ID, incoming calls and SMS.

The Price of the plan is $24.90/mth for 12 months, thereafter $29.90/mth applies. 20GB data is inclusive of free additional 15GB data/mth for 12 months.

Currently, if you pay you bills through UOB YOLO card, you will get a 8% rebate.

Something interesting about this plan is that it has this Reward system.


Get points when you stick with gridmobile and refer friends to join the network. Your friends will also get rewarded.

For example, if you can get two friends every month to sign up with Grid
Mobile, they will be able to get rebates as much as $16.50 from their third bill.

Customers earn gridPoints on their birthday (200 points), when they remain on the plan (50 points every month), when they refer their friends (50 points every month) and when their friends sign up during the limited offer period (additional 200 points per month for first three months).

Sign up using our referral link and get 250 points per month when you stay with gridmobile. See rewards page.

You can also reduce your bill with the rebates

From our understanding, there is no app available for gridmobile. In order to check your data usage etc, you will have to login the portal fo gridmobile through your web browser.

Data and Voice roaming charges are also available on it’s website.

By Harry