The Xperia XZ is smartphone you should seriously consider if you haven’t got your hands on the Xperia X which was just available a couple of months ago in the local market.

The Xperia XZ inherits the best of the Xperia X with enhancements in it’s camera functions e.g. the predictive Hybrid AF is especially useful for shooting moving objects with clarity. We also noticed the images captured are real like compared to other smartphones which overly enhancing the red.  One thing I noticed though is it seems to have difficulty focusing when doing a micro shoot of really close objects.

In addition to it’s improvements to it’s camera, the IP65/68 water and dust resistant make it’s way to the Xperia XZ. No more worries using it in the rain. The type C USB also allows easier charging as you can insert the cable in either directions.

Personally, I prefer a larger screen e.g. a 5.5″ ~ 6″. It would be nice to have a version that employs the curved 6″ screen of the Xperia XA Ultra. I would also prefer a larger battery capacity.

The Xperia XZ will launch in Singapore at Sony Stores, Sony Centres, local telcos and authorised retailers on 15 Oct 2016, retailing at a recommended retail price of S$998. Xperia XZ will be available in 64GB, hybrid Dual SIM variant in three colours in Forest Blue, stylish classics Mineral Black and Platinum.

Pre-orders for the Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact starts from 30 Sept 2016 to 7 Oct 2016.

The phone is also available on Amazon at USD 699.

By Harry

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  1. Thanks for the review.
    Any chance we could obtain a more information and perhaps a guided tour of the phone internal
    – Sensor used for the back camera module
    – Type of panel that used and the screen geometry layout. 🙂

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