G4 now comes with a 16 megapixel camera with wide F1.8 aperture lens which improves low light performance. It also improved it’s OIS to OIS 2.0 for better image stabilisation. For photographers, this is perhaps the best news for you. You can now save RAW file format in addition to JPEG for precise editing with no loss of details. For selfie lovers, the front faced camera is upgraded to 8 megapixel and the gesture shot now takes 4 shots spaced by 2 seconds apart for the best selfie.

In the demonstration booth, we see for ourselves the difference between the various phones compared to the LG G4. The G4 is definitely a perfect “camera” for night shoots.

IMG_0275 copy IMG_0273 copy

As for the display, LG G4 uses LG new 5.5″ IPS quantum Display which offers better colour reproduction. It is also the first to employ Advanced in Cell Technology.

It employs Colour Spectrum Sensor which returns the true colour of objects shot. It can be clearly seen from the comparison below that with LG G4 Sensor On, the reds and greens mimics the real colour of the object.


IMG_0269 copy

The G4 departs from traditional embedded battery. the 3000mAh removable battery is capable to last a full day of normal use and it is able to last 20 percent longer than the G3.

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