In the highly competitive telecom market, Heya has made a bold move by introducing additional 1 GB of free data roaming to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. This strategic pricing adjustment comes as Singtel’s MVNOs ZYM, VIVIFI, and CMLINK have recently followed suit by offering 1 GB of free data roaming in the three countries.

We have checked with the CSO of heya and they are for

Malaysia -> Maxis
Indonesia -> Telkomsel
Thailand -> AIS

Meanwhile, Starhub’s sub-brand, Giga, is also vying for customers by introducing a unique incentive—a 4-month, 10 GB free line for those who can obtain a special code from existing friends for a nominal fee of $1 during sign-up.

However, other prominent players such as Zero1, M1 Maxx, Changi Mobile, MyRepublic, and Geenet have not yet responded robustly to this ongoing price war. As the prices per GB continue to decline and free data roaming becomes a sought-after feature, the profits of these telecom companies are inevitably affected.

Among the various offers in the market, SIMBA’s $10 plan for 100 GB, including 1 GB of data roaming in 57 destinations and free roaming voice calls, remains an unbeatable option that competitors are struggling to match. Additionally, SIMBA’s unique plans like Global Roam and MY130 are highly appealing to users..

By Harry