Considering the evolving needs of mobile users and the growing popularity of international travel in the region, SIMBA Telecom should consider introducing a Malaysia Thailand Indonesia (MTI) 3-in-1 plan, similar to the renowned MY130. Such plan, if we were to call it SIMBA MTI 130, aims to redefine the roaming experience by offering 10 GB of shared data roaming across Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. It is worth noting that, currently, SIMBA Telecom stands out as the sole provider offering more than 10 GB of data roaming in Malaysia for an affordable $10. This plan would be an upgraded version of MY130 and a scaled down version of the SuperRoam 50 GB.

Meeting Travelers’ Demands: Recognizing the frequent travel between Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, the introduction of a comprehensive 3-in-1 plan like SIMBA MTI 130 seems like an excellent move. By consolidating roaming services for these three countries, SIMBA Telecom can simplify the experience for their customers, eliminating the need for multiple plans and the associated complexities and costs.

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By Harry