SIMBA 50G Roaming

If you are looking for a SIM-only plan that offers both local and roaming data at an affordable price, you might want to check out the new SIMBA SuperRoam 50GB plan. This plan costs $20 per 30 days and gives you 130GB of local data, 50GB of roaming data in Malaysia, and 10GB of roaming data in six other countries (Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam). You also get unlimited calls to local mobile numbers, 500 minutes to local fixed numbers, unlimited SMS to SIMBA mobile numbers, 300 IDD minutes and 50 local SMS. While roaming, you can also make voice calls back to Singapore mobile numbers for free using the SIMBA voice app.

SIMBA 50G Roaming

So, is this plan worth it? What are the pros and cons of choosing SIMBA SuperRoam 50GB? Here are some points to consider before you sign up.


  • The plan offers a lot of data for both local and roaming usage. You can stream videos, browse social media, use navigation apps, and stay connected with your friends and family without worrying about running out of data or paying extra charges.
  • It has abundant local data and overseas roaming data for selected countries.
  • The plan is compatible with most devices that support 4G networks. You are still contactable with your Singapore +65 number while you are roaming overseas through the use of the SIMBA Voice App. You can still receiving incoming SMS.
  • It offers 300 IDD minutes.


  • Compared to SuperRoam MAX plan, it has more data for selected countries. If you need to roam in other than the listed countries, you will have to top up the wallet and charges will be $4 per GB for Zone A destinations. More details can be found at Simba website. 10 GB of roaming data is shared between Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam and Malaysia. 40 GB is dedicated for roaming in Malaysia.
  • The plan does not have any perks or benefits like free entertainment subscriptions, cashback rewards, loyalty points, etc. that some other telcos offer for their customers.
  • It only comes with 50 local SMS.
  • Some countries only have 1 single roaming partner


The SIMBA SuperRoam 50GB plan is a good option for people who travel frequently between Singapore and the listed countries and need a lot of data for both local and roaming usage. So far, SIMBA SuperRoam 50GB is one of the cheapest roaming options from telcos in Singapore. Frequent travelers in out of Singapore and Malaysia will love this plan as it offers 50 GB of data in Malaysia and 130 GB in Singapore.

However, if you are looking for more roaming coverage options, international calls or SMS features, or perks and benefits from your telco provider, you might want to look elsewhere and I am sure the price won’t be as competitive. Alternatively, you can also check out for SIMBA SuperRoam Max which offers 10 GB of data roam in 57 destinations listed in Group A for S$25/mth.

Ultimately, the best plan for you depends on your personal preferences, budget, usage patterns and travel plans. Do your research before you make your decision!

By Harry