Thanks to our readers who pointed to the $8/mth plan which was not disclosed at eight telecom’s website.

The screen shot is eight telecom $8 plan with 188 GB local data, 88 local mins and SMS and 8 GB of data roam in 6 countries.

The closest we can find is the SuperRoam 50GB (30D) plan which offers 130 GB of local data, 50 GB data roam in Malaysia, 10 GB of Data Roaming (shared) in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. It has unlimited mobile to local mobile calls, free SMS to SIMBA line, 500 minutes to local fixed line, 300 IDD minutes and 50 local SMS. You can roam in 5G in some countries.

To date, eight telecom has not responded to our enquiry about their plans and we are not not sure if they intend to launch that $8 plan as a promotional offer and adjust the price upwards. We expect it to be a 4G plan.

Will the speed be throttled badly ? This has happened to some of the MVNO or sub brands where the huge data bundle is not that useful as it is very slow and sometimes difficult to get the webpages to load (even when 5 full bars of signal is detected).

Even if it is priced at S$18/mth, it is still not a match for SuperRoam 50 GB as it offers more roaming data in Malaysia, 2 GB more for the 6 countries, 300 IDD minutes and free voice roaming (free answering of voice calls and call back to Singapore for free).

So, which one will you pick ?

By Harry