It appears that the price competition is escalating as Starhub unveils its new 5 Gbps fiber broadband plan priced at $45 per month. The plan comes along with a complimentary 3-month Amazon Prime subscription.

According to their website, the package includes an ONR by Nokia. It is a WIFI 6 device and supports

1 x 10 Gbps WAN port
1 x 10 Gbps LAN port
3 x 1 Gbps LAN port
1 x USB port

Meanwhile, SIMBA has introduced a 10 Gbps plan for S$29.99 per month and a 2.5 Gbps plan for $20.00 per month (we reviewed it), making Starhub’s 5 Gbps offering potentially less appealing.

Currently, there aren’t many devices that can take advantage of a 5 Gbps link unless you use a 10 Gbps network interface card and a router that supports 10 Gbps. To take advantage of the speed you will need to fork out some cash to include a 10 Gbps switch, 10 GBase-T NIC for PC and CAT 6 cable.

As for WIFI 6, in most circumstances, the most you would get should be less than 1 Gbps especially in an area where you content and share the same channel with your neighbours.

Assuming all other factors remain constant, this offer likely entails a 24-month contract. Would you consider taking advantage of this deal?

By Harry