VIVIFI joins in the battle for Malaysia data roam with this new plan that offers 4 GB data roam (first 12 months) for S$14 a month (reverts to 2 GB after 12 months).

🌟🌟🌟Free 4GB* Roaming Data every month in Malaysia for 12 months 🌟🌟🌟
🎉 Introducing the ultimate mobile plan that keeps you connected without breaking the bank! 📱✨ Roam MY is here to revolutionize your mobile experience with unbeatable perks:
🌟 100GB mobile data FOREVER
🌟 300 minutes talktime
🌟 100 SMS
🌟 Only $14/month!
🌟 Free 2GB* Roaming Data in Malaysia for 12 months
🌟 Free 2GB Roaming Data in Malaysia forever
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It look enticing but it doesn’t include free receiving and making roaming voice calls. Competitors like M1 Maxx also has something very similar at S$14 but has roaming in 2 GB data roam in 4 countries (S$18 for 4 GB in 4 countries). SIMBA has a SuperRoamMY at S$30 (90 days) / $39 (90 days) thereafter, the plan comes with 10 GB of Roaming Data in Malaysia, IDD minutes and voice roaming.

So, which deal will you go for?

By Harry