eight telecom is the latest service provider with the lowest price and best coverage in Singapore. Today, they have just started their online campaign to grab the eyeballs.

Be one of the first 88,888 sign-ups to get 88GB + 1GB APAC roaming (6 countries)* with 88 SMS and 88 mins per month for 88 days FREE! 1GB APAC keeps you connected when you travel to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, India and Vietnam!

It is not known if it is a 4G or 5G plan. We feel that with for the low cost, it should be a 4G plan with VoLTE.

Information is lacking and there is the website isn’t ready other than a registration of interest page and a help page. So, what would be the price for the plan after 88 days ? $8 ? $14 ? $18

Update 26 April 2024 – After the 88 days, all early testers will be able to upgrade to one of the two plans, a $8 and a $18 plan. The $8 plan comes with 188 GB of local data, 8 GB of APAC roaming, 1 GB of worldwide roaming and 288 IDD minutes.

Information regarding the $18 plan remains undisclosed. Whether the $8 plan, upon its launch, is an introductory offer for the first month, with potential adjustments to pricing and plan details, remains unclear.

It’s main competitor would be

M1 Maxx 250 GB + 2 GB data roam (M,I,T,B) at S$14 / mth. and also

SIMBA 200 GB + 2 GB data (60 countries) roam at S$12 / 30 days or

SIMBA 100 GB + 1 GB data (60 countries) roam at $10 / 30 days.

It is believed that eight is a running on Starhub and maybe a sub brand of Starhub instead of a MVNO. Starhub already has Giga as a sub-brand and RedONE and MyRepublic (5G) as it’s MVNO.

The cost is unbelievably low at just $8 per month, making it unsustainable unless the network is relegated to a lower priority and speed throttling is implemented.

Registration is now open at it’s website. Besides the online registration, interested users can also WhatsApp their interest to +65 8880 8888. The free 88 days starts from when the user receives his SIM card. 

By Harry