eight telecom launches today it’s $0, $8 and $18 plan. The plans are very aggressive and focus on large data bundle and roaming.

The $18 plan offers 58 GB Malaysia roaming which aims for market share from Simba $20 plan. The local data bundle is shockingly high at 388 GB but it doesn’t offer free roaming calls.

The $8 plan comes with 188 GB local data, 8 GB APAC Roaming, 1 GB International Roaming, 88 local SMS and 288 Local and IDD minutes. Nothing is mentioned about free caller ID or incoming call. What would be the data rate during roaming. There is also no app or login which you can check your usage.

The more aggressive $18 plan comes bundled with a 388 GB local data, 8 GB APAC Roaming, 2 GB International Roaming, 58 GB Malaysia Roaming, 88 local SMS and 288 local and IDD minutes.

*APAC Roaming – Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, India and Vietnam

So far, there is no official list of the countries in the International Roaming category.

At the moment, subscribers can choose to test out the $0 plan for 88 days or sign up on collection the $8 or $18 plan.

We collected the sim earlier at Tiong Bahru and did a quick test at Tiong Bahru plaza. Here are the screen shots. The shop outlet started distribution of the SIM card at 1 pm. Queue was already formed before distribution.

First thing we noted is VoLTE is already working out of the box. The APN used is Starhub postpaid. Speedtest result is encouraging with LTE band 3 in 2 CA. In some locations, it actually runs up to 3CA of b3+b3+b7 a total of 60 MHz. It was able to achieve a very high speed of 250 Mbps (depending if you phone supports such carrier aggregation). As it runs on Starhub with abundant bandwidth, the initial speeds should be good. We should expect speeds to slow down when more users come on board.

Stay tuned as we will doing some other tests in the following days.


By Harry