This new plan comes with 200 GB Local data if you port in and comes with 300 mins of talk time and 100 SMS. It has a total of (8+2) GB of Malaysia Roaming data where the 2 GB is for the first 12 months. There is also a monthly 1 GB of roaming for Indonesia and Thailand Roam. The plan is meant for port in customers that are not on Singtel network.

For port in customers, the plan is 5G NSA enabled.

Its closest competitor is the SIMBA SuperRoam MY, which offers 10 GB of Malaysia roaming and 5 GB of international roaming for $39 per 90 days (equivalent to $13 per 30 days). The SIMBA plan also includes IDD minutes, unlike the ZYM plan. The SIMBA plan also offers VoLTE Roaming which allows you to call back Singapore for free.

One compelling reason to consider the ZYM plan is its local 5G NSA coverage. However, its roaming package appears less robust, except for Malaysia, where both plans offer 10 GB.