At Computex 2017 Taipei, Qualcomm announced it has partners with PC OEMS HP, Lenovo and ASUS to build WIndows 10 PCs based on it’s Qualcomm 835 processor.

Qualcomm being the centre of most smartphones is capable of delivering low powered long devices, now they are claiming that they can deliver 50% more battery life than x86 procesors existing in current Windows PCs.

Other than that,  it will feature the Qualcomm’s X16 LTE modem, which offers gigabit performance. With the proper design a portable tablet pc would make use of existing LTE network to go online at amazing speeds in additional to WiFi.

Qualcomm vs. x86 board

Image by Anandtech

At Computex, Qualcomm showed off its own circuit board designs compared with those it claimed would be required for an x86-equivalent design. The Qualcomm board is significantly smaller (50.2cm versus 98.1cm).

By Harry