Huawei Singapore arranging swap of green tint Mate 20 Pro for customer ?

It looks like the green tint issue has hit customers in Singapore. A customer has posted a screen shot of his correspondence with Huawei Singapore and they are probably arranging a one to one exchange.

I'm so disappointed with the Mate 20 Pro, and Huawei Mobile in general. Just a week into the company's "revolutionary" phone, I'm experiencing some weird display occurrence as seen in the video. To think that I've queued at the launch event at Causeway Point for hours and showing off how well this phone is to my friend… I should have just stuck to my iPhone instead. Sure it doesn't have the best features, but at least my iPhone has never given me such problem. Spending an hour to travel down to the service center, hopeful for an solution. But they told me it's a common reported problem and there's nothing I can do but wait. This is so problematic for me as I'm going to Japan for my holiday soon and I intend to capture the moment using the amazing camera. My issue may seem like it is not a big issue, but imagine your phone's screen flashing bright green light everytime you locked it, it's annoying not just to me, but everyone around me. This is possibly be the last Huawei or China brand phone for me. Really disappointed…

Posted by Samuel Lim Yi Jie on Monday, 5 November 2018

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