We have seen it before in action at the Intel Future Showcase. In fact, this device is already selling on the Amazon. For those who are waiting for it, this device is now reaching South East Asia countries Singapore and Malaysia. It comes at a price tag of SGD 222 and MYR 599.

The Intel Compute Stick PC will run a version running Windows 8.1, bringing the first of such miniature PCs that plug straight into TVs and other screens to the region. Powered by a Intel Atom x3 processor, the 4-inch device just slightly larger than a USB flash memory drive, it connects to the TV thru a HDMI port. The device can be powered by a microUSB adaptor.

Also available on Amazon at  USD 169.00

A look at Amazon shows another interesting product by the name of MeedoPad T01, this device looks similar to the Intel Compute Stick and it is cheaper and runs both Windows Bing 8.1 or Android 4.4.

Need a more expandable solution, the ECS LIVA based on the Baytrail-M might be another solution.




By Harry