Good news for everyone. The Sandy bridge Intel processors will go into production by end of this year and we should be able to get our hands on it early next year when it goes to the retail stores. It will replace the aging 45nm Nehalem processors.

The initial editions will be for the desktop and notebook. Servers will come later. The new microprocessor family is built using the second generation of Intel’s High-K metal gate 32-nanometer production technology. Sandy Bridge includes processing cores, a memory controller, cache subsystem and Intel’s sixth-generation graphics processing core all on one chip.

The processors will come with Intel’s Advanced Vector Extension instructions which will speed up video, image and audio processing with improved color and image clarity. They will also include Intel AES New Instructions (AES-NI), software instructions that accelerate data encryption and decryption.

While Intel is ready to manufacture it’s 32nm processors, it has never stop it’s Tick Tock mechanism. Ivy bridge is the next big thing and it is said to be shrinked down to 22nm.