Various sources have indicated that Intel make available a new Intel chipset for the Sandy Bridge processors. The Intel Z68 is probably the preferred chipset as it integrates the best of both P67 and H67 chipset into one. If you remember H67 uses on die graphics and does not allow overclocking while P67 allows overclocking but disabled the encoding feature as tested in our previous reviews. Z68 will probably remove all these hurdles making it possible to support both feature.

In addition, it is said that there is also a RST SSD caching technology,which is known as “Smart Response”. Intel Z68 is supposed to rank above the P67, so we expect the pricing should be close to the Intel P67 chipset.

Hopefully we don’t see boo boo issues like SATA problems and reissuing B3 stepping to solve all these problems. Watch out for our reviews in May at OCWORKBENCH.