Chinese New year is round the corner but Intel stunned all with their silion issue on it’s 6 series chipsets.

Most of the manufacturer’s office are closed for the coming holidays.

We managed to get hold of some of them and they were unable to comment as they are not sure if they were to recall the boards and refund the customer.

So, if you intend to upgrade to P67 or H67, it would be better that you stay put for a while and see what the individual manufacturer’s reaction to this news after the Chinese new year holidays.

In Japan, the boards have been removed from the shelves and in Singapore, sales is still ongoing.

So far, ASRock has issued a statement asking users to connect their devices to SATA 6Gbps ports as it is connected via indepedent chipset (the SATA 3Gbps are connected via the Intel chipset).

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