If you have been experiencing slow access to international sites. It is all because of the massive earthquake in Japan that has damaged the undersea cables.

Taiwan’s leading telecom operator said Wednesday that two jointly owned undersea cables linking Japan and the United States had been damaged by Japan’s devastating earthquake.

The cables, the APCN-2 and Japan-US which serve as links for Internet and voice services between Taiwan with the US, were affected by Friday’s 9.0-magnitude earthquake, Chunghwa Telecom said.

The company said the bandwidth of its services had been reduced by around 30 percent but the impact on customers was marginal so far.

“There were impacts, but they were limited,” company manager Chen Hui-yen told AFP. “As of now we have received few complaints from customers.”

She said it may take at least a month to repair the damage.

The official toll of the dead and missing following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that flattened Japan’s northeast coast has topped 11,000, with 3,676 confirmed dead, police said Wednesday.

Crews are also battling to avoid meltdown at a nuclear power plant crippled by the quake.