I know most of us are excited with new iPhone OS. Who doesn’t. In fact, I managed to borrowed a Macbook and got my iPhone “updated” to 4.0 to test out the features.

Although I like the enhancements like multiple inbox, multitasking and folders, there are bound to be software bugs in any software releases.

As the keynote speech used SKYPE to demonstrate, we installed SKYPE over APP Store and found  an error message saying that this application will not run correctly under iPhone OS 4.0. It still runs but if we double press the home button and goes to another application and switch back, it will restart the SKYPE. The same situation happens to FRING. Looks like the applications are not ready for multitasking.

If you use the folders for your applications, you will probably trying hard to find a solution why the phone couldn’t do a backup and sync properly. Just unfolder your applications and everything should be back to normal on your itunes 9.1