Kingston Introduces New Anti-Counterfeit Label for Memory Modules to Ensure Product Authenticity

Fight Counterfeiting and Protect Customers Best Interests


Hsinchu, Taiwan – (February 5, 2010) Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the launch of new Anti-Counterfeit labels on memory modules. With the new labels, Kingston can better prevent counterfeit memory being sold as authentic Kingston products and further protect our customers best interests. This security initiative has been implemented on all series of Kingston memory modules shipped since January 20, 2010.

The new Anti-Counterfeit labels employed the new Phantom technology which a “K” will become visible or invisible while the viewing angles changes. In addition, the new label used different Security ID number to ensure product authenticity. End customers can easily utilize our Verification site ( and enter the information provided on the new labels to verify the authenticity of the memory product in their possession.


All Kingston memory products are manufactured using top-rated chips and every unit is tested before shipment to ensure quality and reliability. Genuine Kingston memory modules are also backed by our legendary lifetime warranty and free worldwide technical supports. Counterfeit modules may have petty advantage, but will most likely damage the computer system and result in even greater loss. We encourage customers to carefully verify the anti-counterfeit label on the memory products and always buy from Kingston authorized distributors, resellers or retailers to protect their best interests. As an industry leader known for the quality and value of its memory products, Kingston will continue to develop methodologies that protect consumer rights and thwart those that attempt to profit from our good name.


Kingston HyperX memory is backed by a lifetime warranty and free technical support. For detailed information please visit the Kingston Web site at


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