First look at LG G Flex [7 pages]
bt 13 Dec 2013

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What is next for smartphones after large screens ? LG seems to have found the answer with it’s LG G Flex. The LG G Flex is the first phone launched with a curved surface that gives it a nice contour that fits nicely into the palm.

This is made possible with the mass production of flexible plastic OLED display panels for smartphone by LG Display.

With the curved and larger 6″ screen, watching movies on it really makes a difference as compared to flat screen. The feeling is like watching a movie in a cinema with panoramic screen. You probably would be able to see “more” in a curved screen. The LG G Flex adds up with Real RGB pixel structure gives the best display on it’s curved screen too.

The best of LG G2 is also incorporated into this phone. It supports a 13 mega pixel camera, the rear key too. The processor is the QUalcomm Snapdragon 800 and has a 3500mAh integrated battery.

Other than that, the G Flex comes with built in apps like Quick Theatre for quick access to photos, videos, and youtube from the lock screen. There is also Dual Wnidow which can divide the 6 inch screen into two seperate windows and multi tasking. Swing Lockscreen alters the image on the lock screen on how the G Flex is held. There are also features like Guest mode, answer me, slide aside and QuickRemote etc. KnockOn feature is also available on the G Flex.

The G Flex might look fragile on first sight but LG has conducted Durability test. It was placed in a back pocket and being sat on. They have found that when an average pressure of 40kg (max 82kg) was applied (as if the device was being sat on), the curved  form of the device flattened without breaking. The test result showed that the design, display and battery of the LG G Flex is durable and less prone to breaking – even under a certain applied pressure.

Self Healing Coating on the Back Cover As LG continues to apply new elements and materials for its devices, LG used an elastic self healing coating on the surface of the back cover of the LG G Flex. The G Flex is the first of any mobile device to apply the self healing coating that is not of a car or furniture. Unlike UV hard coat, a soft element of specially modified resin was used to materialize the less scratch and self-healing elements of daily wear-and-tear. As a result, the new element has the ability to fill in the scratches to make the scratches less apparent.

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