LG Optimus 2x Smartphone Review – Introduction
bluetooth 16 Jun 2011

For readers of OCWorkbench, PC component chipset maker NVIDIA shouldn’t be a stranger to you. They have been in the motherboard arena for quite some time. In recent years, they re focus into smartphones. LG Optimus 2x is one of the first smartphones powered by this new Dual Core processor Tegra 2 from NVIDIA.

LG Optimus 2X runs at a clock speed of 1GHz and boasts low power consumption and high performance for playing video and audio. In terms of multimedia capability, the LG Optimus 2X offers 1080p HD video playback and recording with HDMI mirroring that expands content on external displays to full HD quality. The LG Optimus 2X can connect wirelessly to any DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatible digital device such as HD TVs for a console-like gaming experience taking full advantage of the phone’s HDMI mirroring, accelerometer and gyro sensor. The smartphone also includes both rear- and front-facing cameras, microSD memory expandability, Micro-USB port and a hefty 1500mAh battery.

Currently, the LG Optimus 2x ships with Android 2.2. It is said that 2.2 is not capable to tap the power of Dual Core. A 2.3 Gingerbread is expected in June/July 2011 which should speed up the phone especially with Android softwares that take advantage of dual core.

In the next few pages, we will take a look at the functions of the phone, pictures, video shots and also HDMI out from the device.

Here are some basic specs

•1 GHz dual core, Tegra 2 processor

•4-inch display

•Android 2.2 with plans to upgrade to Android 2.3

•8 megapixel rear camera, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera


•1080p video playback

•Gyro sensor

•1,500 mAh battery

•microSD card slot