Exterior of the phone

The LG Optimus 2x has a 4 inch screen. On the top right corner of the phone is the power on/off button with speaker jack and HDMI output port in the middle. On the right are volume buttons. There is a 1.3 megapixel camera on the top right of the screen.

The interface is typical of Android phones with 7 pages of customisable screen. There are LG widgets that you can drag and drop onto the various pages for real time updates.

At the bottom of the screen are soft touch buttons, MENU, HOME, BACK and SEARCH.

The back of the phone has a LED light accompanying the 8 megapixel camera

At the bottom of the phone is the USB power connector for charging the phone. The speakers are on the left and right of the USB port.

The HDMI port on top of the phone that can output up to 1080P playback.