Experience ultra-fast 5G connectivity with M1’s roaming plans and stay connected wherever you go. M1 customers subscribed to Bespoke Flexi, Bespoke Contract, Bespoke SIM-only, and Bespoke Family plans, along with an active 5Go Access subscription, can now enjoy 5G roaming1 in 17 countries. These countries include Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan*, UAE, USA, and Vietnam*. In the upcoming months, M1 plans to expand its list of destinations for 5G roaming.

With M1’s 5G roaming, you can enhance your travel experience by staying connected in various ways. Whether it’s keeping in touch with your loved ones, attending business meetings on-the-go, or enjoying uninterrupted gaming sessions, you can expect crystal-clear, high-quality video communication and immersive gaming with minimal delays and interruptions. Now, M1 5G customers can effortlessly upload their travel memories and use navigation apps and services without worrying about slow connections or limited bandwidth.

To provide the best value in town, M1 offers the 5Go Access add-on for just SGD2.03 (incl. tax). Bespoke SIM-only customers receive six months of free access to True 5G, while Bespoke Flexi and Handset customers can enjoy 12 months of free access to True 5G.

Please note that 5G roaming is supported on 5G SIM cards, and the service is available on select compatible 5G-enabled handsets. You can refer to the full list of compatible handsets for 5G roaming here.

On June 16, 2023, M1 will launch 5G roaming for Taiwan and Vietnam, providing even more options for seamless connectivity while traveling.

Which destination is available with 5G Roaming?
You may enjoy 5G Roaming at the following destinations:

Saudi ArabiaMobily
South KoreaSK Telecom
TaiwanChunghwa Telecom

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