M1 launches Singapore’s first WiFi
roaming service for postpaid mobile customers

New service complements current S$15/day

unlimited data and S$0.05/10kb data roaming promotions

SINGAPORE, 9 April 2013 – M1 Limited (M1) today announced its launch of Singapore’s first WiFi roaming service for both retail and corporate customers.

M1 postpaid mobile users can now enjoy unlimited data roaming on global WiFi hotspots across more than 120 countries and territories. Customers can log on with multiple devices at the same hotspot, through the M1 WiFi Roaming application.

With no service registration fee or monthly subscription, charges are only applicable upon successful connection to WiFi hotspots through the application, at S$12 per day in the Asia Pacific and Americas Regions; and S$19 per day for the rest of the world.

To activate service, customers need to download the application from Google Play Store or iTunes before travelling overseas, and set up a user profile on the application. Upon arriving at an overseas destination, users can launch the application to locate and connect to available WiFi hotspots, managed by M1-Partner networks.

“We are excited to offer Singapore’s first WiFi roaming service to our postpaid mobile customers. This will provide both retail and corporate users an affordable and fuss-free option to stay connected when they travel”, said Mr P. Subramaniam, Chief Marketing Officer, M1 Limited.

M1’s new WiFi Roaming service will add to its existing suite of data roaming services that greatly benefit data users when they are overseas. With M1’s unlimited data roaming at S$15 per day and promotional data roaming rates at S$0.05 per 10kb to popular destinations, M1 customers can upload photos, send e-mails and surf the Net without worrying about receiving a “bill shock” on data roaming charges.

The roaming partnership is with iPass. You can check for hotspots using this link http://hotspot-finder.ipass.com/

Visit www.m1.com.sg/wifiroaming to view the user guide for M1 WiFi Roaming application and locate WiFi hotspots overseas.