M1 launches Southeast Asia’s first commercial nationwide NB-IoT network

  • Network will catalyse smart solutions innovation and adoption
  • NB-IoT delivers secure, reliable, power efficient ubiquitous connectivity
  • Solutions and devices for utilities, transport, logistics sectors immediately available

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SINGAPORE, 7 August 2017 – M1 Limited (M1) today announced the launch of Southeast Asia’s[1] first commercial nationwide NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) network, and the second such network worldwide. This network will catalyse smart solutions innovation and support Singapore’s transformation into a Smart Nation.


The Internet of Things (IoT), in enabling hyper-connectivity to millions of devices, sensors and services, is a key Smart Nation building block. With the launch of M1’s NB-IoT network, solution providers and businesses can now develop and deploy new IoT-enabled solutions.


Today, M1 and its partners have available IoT solutions such as smart energy management for buildings, environmental monitoring, asset tracking and fleet management. The NB-IoT network will spur the development of many more solutions in the future.


“The launch of Southeast Asia’s first commercial nationwide NB-IoT network will accelerate our journey into a digital society. The Internet of Things will open up an incredible array of fresh opportunities and innovation. We look forward to working closely with government agencies, technology partners, and customers to enable smart solutions for everything and everyone,” said Ms Karen Kooi, Chief Executive Officer, M1.


“The Internet of Things is a key technology area for growth which will drive Singapore’s Digital Economy for a Smart Nation. We are heartened that M1 has rolled out their narrowband IoT network on a nationwide basis and partnered enterprises to bring ready solutions to market and accelerate innovation to empower possibilities. We encourage companies to embrace the exciting benefits of NB-IoT as we move towards the digital future,” said Mr Tan Kiat How, Chief Executive, Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore.


One forward-looking organisation is Keppel Electric. As part of a collaboration, Keppel Electric is piloting the NB-IoT Energy Management Meter, which is expected to enable it to deploy power and water meters to its customers’ premises faster and more cost-effectively. These meter will further enable commercial, industrial and residential customers to track their energy usage.


This will help Keppel’s customers make more efficient and effective use of this valuable resource.


“With the full liberalisation of the electricity market expected in 2018, the launch of M1’s NB-IoT network is a timely development for us and our customers, who will get to enjoy easy access to useful real-time consumption data at a lower cost. We also see the potential of such implementations helping consumers to manage their electricity use more prudently,” said Ms Janice Bong, General Manager, Keppel Electric.


M1 will host industry partners and businesses on 8 August 2017 to showcase the possibilities of IoT technology and innovation. Participants will be able to engage with IoT experts and experience market ready NB-IoT solutions and devices.

By Harry