TnC : $25 SIM for $12 Promotion is available at M1 Shops. All new and existing $24/$25/$58/$60 All-In-1 Users will receive 2GB/day as part of their 24/$25/$58/$60 All-In-1 benefits.

All new $28 Data Pack customers will receive 6GB in Data Pack balance and 54GB in Promotion Data balance (valid 30 days). The Promotion Data is valid for 30 days from date of Data Pack purchase. Upon the expiry date of the Promotion Data, any remaining or unused data balance will be forfeited, and/or subject to M1 Prepaid SIM validity, whichever comes first. Any local data usage in excess of the Promotion Data will be charged at 0.7¢/KB in blocks of 10KB and will be deducted from your available balances accordingly. M1 will not, in any circumstances, entertain any claim for a refund pertaining to the Promotion Data. M1 is not responsible for corruption or removal of any files or documents due to the use of the Promotion Data.

By Harry