M1 will launch their 4G service plans on 15 September 2012. On the same day, M1 will also obsolete the old Surf plans – ValueSurf, Lite Surf and ExtremeSurf plans. These 3 plans are rather popular because it gives users a 12GB data bundle and 500 SMS.

M1 will replace it with the new ValueSurf+, LiteSurf+,ExtremeSurf+ and MaxSurf+ plans. The noticeable change is the data bundle for the various plans. From the usual 12GB, it is reduced to 2GB, 3GB, 5GB. MaxSurf+ is at 12GB.

The upgraded ValueSurf+ is still at S$39 bundles in 600 free SMS instead of 500. LiteSurf+ is at S$59 , S$4 more than it’s original plan. Instead of it’s 250mins outgoing calls, M1 throws in 300 mins and 800 free SMS. The ExtremeSurf+ is priced at S$98, $3 more than the original plan. Instead of 600 mins outgoing calls, M1 throws in another 100 mins making it 700 mins and 1000 Free SMS but the unlimited free data is removed and is now capped at 5GB. A new plan MaxSurf+ at S$198 is introduced which has unlimited voice call minutes,2000 SMS and 12 GB data.

The new Surf plans is also available for 4G value added service at S$10.70/mth.

For those who re-contract, an extra 1GB will be added on to the free bundle. Effectively from 15 September, those who are on the old plans will have their data bundle dropped from 12GB to 2+1 GB (ValueSurf+ plan).

Looks like the good old days of unlimited or 12GB abundance of data bundle is history. In fact, if we calculate it this way, we should be paying lesser as most telcos charges S$5.35/GB when the subscriber exceeds the data limit. In this case, A 12GB to 2GB reduction is 10GB, based on the calculation, the plan should be S$50 cheaper.

I do know of people who abuse the data by torrenting. This greatly affects the data performance of others. In fact, the reduction and cap on the limit will smoother give mobile users a better internet experience.

Below are the charts comparing the old and new plans.

* so far, the iPhone plans remains the same with 12GB data.

M1 old plan

M1 New Plans