MyRepublic, one of the Singapore’s fibre broadband provider has revealed more information about it’s plan to become the 4th telecom operator in the island state.

According to MyRepublic, negotiations are going underway with Infocomm Development AUthority of Singapore to implement smaller cell sites compared to traditional large cell tower. This makes it easy to deploy a network within close spaces faster than tower cells.


Others plans in the pipeline for a 10GB data bundle for it’s data plan It is definitely better than the 2GB or 3GB data bundle these days. It still falls short of M1’s 12GB data bundle in it’s 3G plans a few years ago.

It also propose network neutrality, and will not have additional toll charges for popular internet apps like WhatsApp or Facebook.

So will you switch operator or operators will switch before of the challenges from MyRepublic.

By Harry