Singapore telco M1 Ltd has published it’s price plans for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. M1 is the first of the three telcos to release the price plans for both phones. Starhub and Singtel has only open their site for registration of interest.

From the chart, we can clearly see that the 4G Value added service price is waived permanently. That is probably already factored into the monthly subscription as the i-Lite+ is now S$41 instead of S$39 of the former 3G plans at S$39, S$59 etc.

I reckon that most readers would pick the i-Lite or iLite+ plan and the 16GB versions of the phones.  If you are really into the iPhone 6 and do not wish to pay for a hefty monthly subscription fee, you could go for the cheapest combination, pay S$645  for iPhone 6 16GB and a S$28/mth subscription under the i_Lite plan. That would translate to S$1317 for owning the phone over 2 yrs (inclusive of the contract).  If you go for the i-Lite+ plan, you would be forking out $525+(24×41) = $1509. For i-Reg it will be  $1749 and i-Reg+ will be S$2029. (prices did not include 7% GST).

For the iPhone 6 Plus, just add another $140 to the price of the handset.

So which plan and model will you pick?


By Harry