M1 started selling it’s iPhone at Paragon and West Mall at 12 midnight just 9 hours ago. It’s rival Singtel did not sit tight but retaliated with a price adjustment to it’s iPhone plans at around 8pm.

In terms of pricing, Singtel lowered it’s price of the iPhone 3GS 16GB to match M1 and Starhub. For example, an iPhone 3GS 16GB purchased with a iFlexi Value plan, the price went down from $288 to match M1’s offer of $248 with a similar plan. The rest of the pricing remains intact.

Thanks to M1 for raising the data cap to 10GB, Starhub reacted by giving an extra 11GB to 12GB (guys you have been short changed for so long). Singtel also reacted, increasing it from it’s 500MB (cheapest plan) to 12GB across all four iFlexi plans and is effective from immediate effect.

Thirdly, Singtel also made adjustments to it’s data cap charge. If you exceed the 12GB of bundled data, the extra charge is capped at S$30, below M1’s $36.38 and StarHub’s $48.

Last but not least SingTel’s iPhone subscribers can also surf all they want in seven other countries, with a flat-rate roaming charge of $20 a day.

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