The telco is Singapore’s first and only operator to support the eSIM feature on the new Samsung foldable device 

SINGAPORE, 18 SEPTEMBER 2019 – M1 Limited (M1) today announced that it will be supporting the eSIM feature on the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Fold, launching today.

The use of the eSIM feature allows consumers the convenience of cellular connectivity without the need for a physical SIM card. This offers the benefit of having multiple cellular plans for personal, business and roaming use on a single device. Samsung Galaxy Fold M1 customers can activate both eSIM and SIM card to enjoy dual SIM benefits.

Implemented last year, M1 was Singapore’s first and the only operator to support eSIM on mobile phones, and is now the first and only operator in Singapore to offer eSIM on the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first foldable device to offer the service.

By Harry