M1 users are having connection to the mobile services. Although it mentioned in reports that its 3G base stations are affected, setting it to 2G doesn’t help too.

The problem affects the western region of Singapore from Red Hill to Jurong East and Bukit Batok. Central areas including the CBD has coverage but the signal level is intermittent.

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Press Release by M1

M1 Press Statement : M1 3G service partially affected on 15 January 2013

SINGAPORE, 15 January 2013 – During a transmission equipment upgrade by one of our vendors at 3:00am this morning, a power incident at our network centre

set off the gas suppression and water sprinkler systems, which in turn caused an outage to one of our mobile network switches. This affected the 3G network

entities connected to the switch and resulted in the loss of 3G mobile services to some of our customers in the South-Western parts of Singapore, namely West

Coast, Jurong and Tuas areas.

The 2G network entities are connected to another switch and as such, were not affected. In this instance, 3G phones of affected customers will automatically switch to the 2G network. The majority of 4G phones will require customers to turn off the 4G service manually on their devices, and this will prompt the terminals to fall back to the 2G network.

We have updated customers through the M1’s corporate website, Facebook and hotline, and will continue to provide regular updates.

To restore services, we have connected the network entities to a working switch and are conducting final stages of testing. Actual migration of traffic from the affected switch will take place progressively.

“We sincerely apologise to our affected customers for the inconvenience caused, and thank them for their support, understanding and patience. Please be assured that our top priority is to resolve this issue as quickly as possible,” said Karen Kooi, Chief Executive Officer, M1 Limited.

“Added measures will be put in place to prevent recurrence of such incidents,” added Ms Kooi.


6 thoughts on “M1’s 3G network down since 3am this morning”
  1. Searching for the base station takes out huge amount of juice on your battery. Remember to monitor your battery ‘usage’ and rememeber to charge it as and when necessary.

  2. It seems that the network at Bukit Batok East area is restored at 2am this morning.
    Some advices

    1) Bring your charger along as it might drain your battery more than ever.
    2) If you are still set on 2G, set it back to 3G as I discover I can’t connect to 2G but 3G works on M1.
    3) Disable Roaming if you are located in the northern regions of Singapore, roaming costs isn’t cheap.

  3. If u r staying in woodlands ur network will show CELCOM!!!! Just like what im facing now!!’One whole day uncontactable… Not able to change to 2g coz it shows NO NETWORK !!! Please solve this ASAP!! Oh my!!! It’s more than 12 hrs already!!!!

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