The MeeGo project is happy to announce “Day 1” of the MeeGo Handset user experience project. Many of you will remember this “Day 1” concept from March, when we first made the MeeGo core OS source code available and started development towards the MeeGo 1.0 release. Today, the handset baseline source code is available to the development community. This code is being actively developed as MeeGo 1.1, which is scheduled for release in October. The team has been preparing MeeGo Gitorious with all the sources and infrastructure to perform the weekly builds for MeeGo 1.1 development. The MeeGo UI team has also been busy creating the handset reference user experience and preparing the MeeGo UI design principles and interaction guidelines. This milestone marks the completion of the merger of Moblin and Maemo as major architecture decisions and technical selections have been determined. Today, we are also opening the MeeGo Build Infrastructure.

The MeeGo Project Handset Day 1 includes:

  • MeeGo APIs, incorporating Qt and MeeGo Touch UI Framework (MTF)
  • Subset of the handset reference UI and applications
    • Status Bar: clock, network, Bluetooth, 3G connection, notifications, and battery charge
    • Home Screen
    • Lock Screen
    • Application Launcher
    • Virtual Keyboard
    • Applications: Dialer, SMS, Browser, Contacts, and Photo Viewer
  • MeeGo Core OS (including the middleware components)
  • Hardware adaptation support for Intel Atom-based handset (Moorestown) and ARM-based Nokia N900


See it for yourself–check out the cool UI Handset Day 1 screenshots and video. Or better yet, try it out on a device for yourself by downloading a developer preview image or browse the source code. The MeeGo Handset Day 1 image is provided as a community developer preview and we are in a very early and active development state. While we don’t recommend installing it on your primary phone just yet, we invite all developers who are interested to have an early look using a development device.

More details are in the Handset Day 1 release notes.