Microsoft has been revamping it’s Operating System to make it look alike the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. Months ago, we have also tried out the Developer Preview of the new OS and was pleasantly surprised by the speed and ease of use.

Today, Microsoft will announce it’s Windows 8 beta, a more touch up compared to it’s previous Developer release at the Mobile World  Congress at Barcelona.

The system also is expected to enable users to easily back up their pictures, movies, music and other files on a Microsoft storage service called SkyDrive, which will compete against Apple’s iCloud.

In anticipation for the launch of Windows 8,  MSFT closing at $US31.35 on Monday in the US. The stock has gained about 21 per cent so far this year. By comparison, Apple’s stock has surged 30 per cent during the same period, while Google’s shares have dropped 6 per cent.

Here is our first look of the Developer Preview some 5 months ago. We expect the beta to bug fix the earlier version and should be ready for launch later this year.