Microsoft releases the first Windows 11 Insider Preview build to the Dev Channel, Build 22000.51 today.

Start with pinned apps and cloud-powered “Recommendations".

While most people are testing their PCs using PC Health Check App and were shocked that their newly minted machines don’t meet the requirements. Microsoft has now updated it’s hardware minimum requirement.

If you have been wondering why your PC don’t support Windows 11, it is because two of the most important things that needs to be enabled on modern PCs – TPM and SecureBoot.

Not only that, devices running on Intel 8th generation processors and AMD Zen 2 as well as Qualcomm 7 and 8 Series will meet our principles around security and reliability and minimum system requirements for Windows 11.

Thus, if you have anything older than Zen 2 or Intel 7th generation Intel processor, the chances are that it won’t be able to run Windows 11.

By Harry