ChatGPT is a deep learning technology developed by Microsoft-backed OpenAI, which has the potential to revolutionize online search. It will enable Bing users to receive more detailed answers than just links to websites when they enter queries into the search engine.

Furthermore, ChatGPT allows for an interactive experience with its chatbot feature that can tailor searches according to user preferences. The new Bing search engine will be available immediately but only limited searches are allowed per person at this time.

The announcement of ChatGPT comes one day after Google revealed details of its own chatbot called Bard and both companies are racing against each other in order achieve market dominance in the space of AI-powered bots and services for web searching purposes. Analysts such as Dan Ives from Wedbush Securities have predicted that Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI could give it a competitive edge over Google’s product offering which might result in greater customer adoption rates for Bing’s service offerings powered by ChatGPT compared with those offered by Google’s Bard bot .

Overall, it appears that competition between Microsoft and Google is heating up as both companies battle it out on multiple fronts including artificial intelligence technologies like their respective chatbots -ChatGPt and Bard respectively – designed specifically for web searching purposes . This race towards achieving technological superiority should benefit customers who stand gain access better products through increased innovation driven competition between these two tech giants.

How to get access to the new bing AI powered search engine

At the moment, bing only provide some demos at Microsoft will push out the search engine to those who subscribe to the waiting list.

You can now join the waiting list at

To get it earlier, you can do the following

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