ChatGPT and Bing are the latest OpenAI powered by large language model. Although they are both powered by the same engine, the new bing is powered by GPT-3.5. We put both to a test and see how they respond to our queries – What is the difference between ChatGPT and Bing.

ChatGPT response
Bing’s response

Both gave good answers. The bing’s response seems to be more accurate as it seems to source from various websites listed at the end of the query.

ChatGPT on the other hand gave a simple description and was a bit outdated in it’s data.

Question on investments

We asked ChatGPT and Bing on their ‘advice’ on Asian High Yield investments.

ChatGPT gave a generic answer about what is Asian high yield and it’s risks involved. It also put a disclaimer that it cannot provide financial advice or endorse specific investments.

On the other hand, bing gave a point by point more detail analysis. The data set is probaably gathered from various investment sites such as Blackrock and Allianz. It also didn’t put a disclaimer like what chatgpt does.

ChatGPT response
Microsoft’s Bing response

Question on UFO

ChatGPT gave a generic answer whereas Bing’s answer is quite up to date with the recent sighting of the Chinese ballon and 3 other objects above US and Canada air space.

ChatGPT’s response
Bing’s response

I find that Bing’s answers are more organised and up to date with search info put toegether. It is more accurate. What were your experience with AI ChatGPT vs Bing ? Comment below.