Huawei recently announced that MobileOne (“M1”), a leading mobile communication operator, has selected Huawei as its sole provider of ATCA (Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture) based IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) solution. Huawei will help M1 enrich the national bandwidth network service and build its FMC (fixed and mobile convergence) capacities. Based on Huawei’s leading IMS solution, M1 can continue to provide rich multi-media services for its subscribers, including IP Centrex, IPTV and HD video etc.

With the all-round starting of Singapore’s national bandwidth construction, the FTTH based voice and multi-media service will be the key point of development of Singapore’s future network, which brings good opportunity for M1. Through the cooperation with Huawei, M1 will realize smooth transformation from mobile operator to Fixed and Mobile Convergence on an all-round base.

“Based on Huawei IMS solution, M1 will establish a leading future-faced network frame, which will be helpful to improve the network capacity and will at the same time provide various innovative multi-media services for fixed mobile users.” said Mr. Patrick Scodeller, CTO of M1.

Huawei’ s customized ATCA-based IMS solutions allow operators to achieve rapid network deployment and shorten time to market and support M1? s business transformation by providing subscribers with advanced multi-media services,” said Mr. Jin Huang, vice president of Core Network, Huawei.