It seems that online forums are flooded with more issues of the Nexus One. The 3G connectivity issue is the first to float onto the surface. Now, we see more reports about the pink stint or hue on the screens of Nexus One. It seems to be the same kind of issue on the HTC HD2 which was later fixed by a firmware update. [pictures below]

Here is what some readers say on a nexus forum
“anyone having the problem with a pink hue in the middle of the screen when using the camera and on the resulting pictures on the N1? i’m having the exact same issue i saw online that troubled the HTC HD2, that HTC eventually issued a hotfix for, that apparently resolved the issue. yep, my camera has a pink tint to it right in the middle of the screen. It seems to be most noticable in low light. ”

As for 3G connectivity issues, this video sums it all up. Check out this video to see how 3G/HSDPA works on the desktop but not in the hand of the user.