We received some news from the net that the Motorola Milestone is more or less confirmed to go on sale next week in Singapore. No pricing is available but we assume it to be close to what the Hong Kong telcos at HKD 4680 (~SGD 850) without contract.

It is also mentioned that this phone will only be available exclusively to a particular telecom operator. That is, if you intend to buy the Motorola Milestone, you might consider switching operators if you do not belong to the camp.

On a sideline, it is said that telcos in Singapore are now discussing with Google to bring in the Nexus One under their stable of phones. As one of the posts mentioned, the operator always want to explore  and interested in bringing in the broadest range of sophisticated multimedia smart phones into the market, so as to meet the demands of our different mobile customer segments.

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5 thoughts on “Motorola Milestone to go on sale next week in Singapore ??”
  1. Sigh~
    If only i had read shirley comments earlier..

    1) What she say about the heat from the milestone is terrible. The hand already feel hot not to mention our sensative ear.

    2) I have not yet fully transfer from my existing old mobile into milestone yet but knowing about the flash player, i think i heard something like that too, so now… it not available “yet” then when?

    I seldom used yet cos it on my 2nd sim card, so till date i do not know if it got any fault yet. Other then the above issue, the phone is fine. When deciding on model, i had compared milestone with iphone WITH the staff advise FROM STARHUB. I think they have oversell the phone when compare to iphone. I DID ASK about the disadvantage of this milestone but it was not mentioned about the rapid heat built up when talking on the phone… i am a heavy user and i use high plan. think i can only leave this phone as my secondary phone.

  2. I just purchased Starhub plan with Motorola Milestone. I have regret on the contract signed with Starhub.
    Please do not buy Motorola Milestone!! I have been cheated by Motorola& Starhub.
    Here by some highlight on Motorola Milestone bad quality supported by Starhub:

    1. Phone will easily get hot and ear will feel almost burned by the Motorola Milestone.
    2. Flash player have not yet launched or supported on Motorola Milestone in Singapore yet. Starhub TV and videos were not able to play on it! Motorola Customer service told me that flash player just not launch in asia-pacific yet.
    3. Phone starting to get no responding and force to terminate some program!

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