Other boards on display –  Z87-G41 PC Mate, H87I, Z87M-G43, B85M-G43


There are also other motherboards on display which appeal more to the non overclockers or gamers. Below are some based on Intel chipsets and are smaller boards that fits into a smaller case.

They are Z87-G41 PC Mate, H87I, Z87M-G43, B85M-G43.









MSI has a wide variety of boards you can choose from. So which one will you buy ?




By Harry

2 thoughts on “MSI and Corbell showcase latest Intel Z87 motherboards at IBIS hotel”
  1. The nice dark mat finish design looks great. Specifications sounds pretty good too, even the “Military Class” sounds like some warmongering maniac… But if the tests show that it is stable, robust platform, then why not? Looks pretty 🙂

    However I never seen entierly black caps from any respectable brand, lol. Unless they painted them, I would be very suspicious about the Z87 XPOWER. The MPOWER MAX mobo is looking like to have a normal caps…

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